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Left: Victoria. It's part of the plan. This is the plan. If you don't like it, tough, you'll get what you're given. Right: Vancouver, Canada. Be part of the plan. What do you think? Have your say. Tell us what you want. Something which I'm hoping the Coalition's Public Transport Development Authority will resolve is the culture of secrecy that surrounds decision-making in transport. Wh

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Did these trains lose Labor the election?

Among the 12 (or more) seats lost by Labor in Saturday's election were four in Melbourne's south: Frankston, Carrum, Mordialloc, and Bentleigh. What do these have in common? The Frankston line. The Frankston line is the poorest performing in Melbourne. While overcrowding has eased since the June timetable change, punctuality is the worst in the city. In the past 12 months, just 71.2% of trai

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The election

Elizabeth Miller for Bentleigh. Energy, Trust, Commitment, and Snoopy. I certainly didn't expect Bentleigh to go marginal in such a spectacular way. Apparently counting will resume at 4pm, and the result here may well determine the election. Earlier I spotted a journo and a photographer knocking on Rob Hudson's door -- without success. They then went for a stroll up the street, and were

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Voting for PT

So how am I voting tomorrow? No comment. But I will tell you what I know about the policies on my pet topic: The Greens, as you might expect, have the best, most comprehensive public transport policy (though it's not flawless by any means). Of course, we all know they are unlikely to be forming a government next week... though there's a slim chance they might hold the balance of power, and t

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The importance of context (even on Twitter)

I'm not having a go at anybody in particular here, but making a point. I tweeted what I thought was an amusing comment from someone I don't always find myself in thorough agreement with, Roads Minister Tim Pallas: Tim Pallas's pledge: "I will never, ever, wear lycra in public." #vicvotes -- danielbowen A couple of people re-tweeted it, with this one adding a comment.

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Domain Registry of America/Domain Renewal Group – scammers

If you have your own internet domain name, you may have come across the Domain Registry of America (DROA), also known as the Domain Renewal Group. They're a bunch of scammers who regularly and repeatedly send out letters which look like an invoice for a domain name, but are in fact custom advertisements for overpriced online services. If you blindly follow the form and send them money, you'll t


Supermarket trolley deposit

Last week Safeway Woolworths replaced all their trolleys as part of the makeover. And they all require a deposit -- a $1 or $2 coin. Excellent. 'Cos while I don't usually use a trolley, when I do, I'm sick of them having wonky wheels because people have pushed them for miles and dumped them in the street, where they get damaged. I'm sick of finding them in the park, and in my street,

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Both sides to build Southland Station

I'm very pleased. After years of pressure, both major parties have pledged to build Southland station. The Liberals promised it last week, and yesterday the ALP came to the party. (As recently as last week, I ran into ALP's Rob Hudson at Bentleigh station and he said he was pushing for it. At the time I'm not sure I believed anything would come of it.) Southland was extended in the late-1990s a