17 thoughts on “Stupid place to park

  1. Don’t get me started…it’s terrible when you are pushing a pram and even though those days are long gone it’s still an irritation, where do they expect pedestrians to walk? On the road?

  2. Roger

    For goodness sake, Daniel.
    You can’t expect someone to have to walk from the curbside, navigate their way across a nature strip and then traverse a footpath to get to a driveway. That’s asking too much!

  3. Kiwi Nick

    @Donna, I’ve seen one similar sticker (to the one that said “… so close to my vehicle!”), but it also said (something like)

    Next time leave a can-opener so I can get my car out.

  4. Kiwi Nick

    About the comments showing as 1. I will broach the subject that this blog fail validation at http://validator.w3.org/ . I’m not sure if this explains the numbering issue, but the error at line 362 (“li” tag not allowed here) may have something to do with it.

    While validation is not the be-all and end-all, I do find it reduces the cross-browser risks considerably. Hopefully WordPress has a fix for this issue.


  5. Ben Finney

    The subconscious reasoning seems to be a combination:

    “This driveway is exclusive to this house, so it’s nobody else’s business what happens between the house and the kerb”


    “I successfully walked around the car, therefore my car isn’t really an obstacle”

  6. Dave

    Your local council can issue infringements for this. Just ring, if there’s a parking officer in the area they’ll send them by. Obviously not really worth it if it’s just a one-off, but if you’ve a persistent problem is worth thinking about.

  7. Kiwi Nick

    @Dave, hopefully they’re better than Wellington City Council. We reported a persistent case over several days, both by phone and in person (to a nearby patrolling officer) and nothing was done.

    The offenders were running a festival and the problem went away when they packed up and left.

  8. Grant

    Since I started pushing a pram, I really noticed things like this. It really irks me how people have this sense of entitlement and are completely inconsiderate of others. It is pure lazyness – you couldn’t possibly park your car 2 houses away, that would be too inconvenient.

    Makes me want to carry a bottle of thinners or similar and write a nasty message in their paint.

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