“You couldn’t have a full-blooded aborigine or Chinese teaching”

Yesterday it was a month since my Dad passed away.

And yesterday, the Brisbane Courier Mail published an obituary by his friend, Peter Edwards, Emeritus Professor of English at University of Queensland.


You can read the full text here.

It talks about a 1949 article, of which I have obtained a copy via my Uncle Frank.

They misspelt his name, but it’s the story itself which is amazing. What can one say about this… well, it’s all summed-up by the comments from a union official at the very end.


I suspect and hope that times have changed.

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4 Replies to ““You couldn’t have a full-blooded aborigine or Chinese teaching””

  1. Wow that’s pretty harsh.

    I too hope times have changed but can’t say I ran into too many Asian (or Aboriginal) teachers during my years at school and university.

  2. It still goes on in China. Still plenty of Chinese students/principals/language schools that would much rather a caucasian English teacher from a non-English speaking country, compared to Australian raised asian English teacher.

  3. Daniel, I’ve been reading your blog sporadically recently, so I’ve only become aware of your news.

    I am very sorry for your loss with your father’s passing.

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