These songs are on one of my iPod playlists. Can you figure out what distinguishes them?

  • Del Amitri — Be My Downfall
  • Jellyfish — I Wanna Stay Home
  • Weddings Parties Anything — Roaring Days
  • Ocean Colour Scene — Mechanical Wonder
  • Paul Kelly — Love Never Runs On Time
  • Corduroy — Mini
  • Loudon Wainwright III — Grey In L.A.
  • Weddings Parties Anything — Under The Clocks
  • Jimi Hendrix — Hear My Train A Comin’
  • The Beatles — One After 909
  • Billy Bragg — Upfield
  • The Badloves — Green Limousine
  • The Who — 5:15
  • The Beatles — Magical Mystery Tour
  • Paul Kelly — Last Train To Heaven
  • Queen — Bicycle Race
  • The Who — Magic Bus
  • Del Amitri — Sometimes I Just Have To Say Your Name
  • Hoodoo Gurus — 1000 Miles Away
  • Jimi Hendrix — Crosstown Traffic
  • The Beatles — Ticket To Ride
  • Billy Bragg — A13, Trunk Road To The Sea
  • Jimi Hendrix — Day Tripper
  • Lenny Kravitz — Mr. Cab Driver
  • Paul Kelly — From St Kilda To King’s Cross
  • Powderfinger — Passenger
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers — Runaway Trains
  • Traveling Wilburys — End Of The Line
  • Oasis — D’You Know What I Mean?
  • Missy Higgins — Don’t Ever
  • Urthboy — We Get Around
  • Spiderbait — By the Time I Get to Howlong

And once that’s been answered, what others should I seek out and add?

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28 thoughts on “Playlist

  1. You can read me like a book, Tony, though some on the list are a little, err, broader. Already checked, your first suggestion is on iTunes — cool.

  2. Obviously a transport theme lol.

    There’s another Paul Kelly one I think. Sydney from a 727, but I’m not sure if planes count.

    Bus Ride by Alex Lloyd
    Little Red Taxi by Even

    I probably have more but there are about 7000 tracks in my itunes.

  3. I was so surprised that you, like me, have Del Amitri on your iPod Playlist :-)
    But I guess that has something to do with both of us turning 40 last month!

    I even have “Always the Last To Know” as my ringtone on my iPhone> People (my own age) occasionally quiz me about the tune when they hear it, trying to remember the actual name of the song.

  4. this is fun!

    Terrestrial Public transport themed:
    Morning Train (Sheena Easton);
    National Express (The Divine Comedy)
    A transport of delight (Flanders & Swann)

    Personal transport themed:
    303 (Kula Shaker)
    He thought of cars (Blur)

    Air transport:
    Transit Lounge (Crowded House)

  5. Ho, where is Chattanooga Choo Choo or Folsom Street Blues. I am concerned about myself that these came off the top of my head. Some knowledge needs to be lost.

  6. Transport is so evocative, so many sounds and sensory experiences. Especially love having a busker on the train.
    Speaking of which:
    Train by Leo Sayer, Koala Sprint by Midnight Oil, The Deserters by David Bridie
    and for some obscure local flavour:
    Melbourne Tram by Raspberry Cordial, The Boy Who Lost His Jocks At Flinders Street Station by Painters & Dockers.

  7. Always been a bit of an anglophile, and it may show, but…

    Autophilia – The Bluetones
    The Art of Driving – Black Box Recorder
    Drive – The Cars
    Car Song – Elastica
    Cars – Gary Numan
    Train – Goldfrapp
    Jumping Someone Else’s Train – The Cure

    .. and for the old-schoolers out there…
    Long Train Runnin’ – The Doobie Brothers
    Last Train To Clarksville – The Monkees

    Fun thread!

  8. Oh and not to forget “I’m in love with my car” by Queen.

    Umm.. yeah, again, not really the exact same TRAIN of thought….

  9. Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
    Talking Heads – Road to nowhere
    Tom Petty – Running down a dream
    slightly cryptic:
    Paul Simon – Homeward bound
    Bob Seeger (sp?)/Metallica – Turn the page

  10. Glad to see “Trans-Europe Express” made it…

    Leadbelly; Lonnie Donegan – “Rock Island Line”
    Jimmie Rodgers – “Ben Dewberry’s Final Run”; “Waiting for a Train”
    Tiny Bradshaw; Yardbirds; Led Zeppelin – “Train Kept A-Rollin”
    Iggy Pop – “The Passenger”
    The Shangri-Las; Superchunk – “The Train from Kansas City”
    R.E.M. – “Driver 8”; “Boxcars”
    T.I.S.M. – “Mourningtown Ride” [Melbourne train stations dissed by name!]
    KLF – “Last Train To Transcentral”
    Pierre Schaeffer – “Etude aux chemins de fer”
    Steve Reich – “Different Trains”

  11. Scott Miller and the Commonwealth – Amtrak Crescent
    Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band – Texas Eagle
    Weddings Parties Anything – Hungry Years
    Paul Kelly – Luck – heck, you could even add ‘To Her Door’ unless it’s a limpet-free playlist..

    I think you’ve inspired my next time-wasting exercise.

  12. @Rachael and there’s ‘Soldiers’ too:

    “And we’re digging up the roads
    and widening it just so
    you can suffocate at home…”

  13. Great thread! From my iPod…

    Train of Thought – The Sharp
    Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla
    Last Train – Christine Anu with Paul Kelly
    Trainspottin’ – You Am I
    Just Keep Walking – INXS
    Bus Stop – The Hollies

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