Every suburb needs…

Every suburb needs a combined noodle shop and bus stop.

Combined bus stop and noodle shop

Another view from Google Streetview

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9 Replies to “Every suburb needs…”

  1. @Roger Smartbus about 15 mins. Normal bus about half an hour. Good Idea to have a bus stop next to a food shop or cafe while you are wating for the bus. You can also use the toot in the cafe if they have them.

  2. Is that really still a bus stop? Looks like some recently formed concrete guttering where the bus would have pulled in…

  3. @Viv, I’ve had their Singapore noodles; was good.

    @Grant, yes, the bus stops just in front of the tree. They have a surprisingly tight turning circle for moving out from the kerb. Mind you, you’re right, the divider bit didn’t used to be there; perhaps the sign should be moved a few metres.

    Here’s the view from Google Streetview, before the tree got moved:

    See also: http://www.danielbowen.com/2008/10/19/bad-planning-fixed/

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