New Metro timetables start in June

So, a new train timetable starts in June, shaking up the Frankston line in particular, but also the Dandenong line and minor tweaks on some of the other lines. Updated 10pm with a pic of a Comeng train in the new Metro colours About a year ago I remarked that the Frankston line was using a timetable from the 90s, and little had changed in 15 years. Looking again at the times from Glenhu

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Blade vs electric

I'm sure most men wish they could flick a switch to stop their facial hair growing. Yesterday, for the first time in well over a decade, I tried blade shaving. I had been pondering switching back from electric, since my Phillishave shaver's rechargable battery is wearing out, and it needs a new blade and filter thingy. So I picked up a three-blade shaver and some cream from the supermarket,

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It's time for a cleanout of links and half-written/baked posts. Fascinating for MSM watchers A former Fairfax staffer is starting his own free magazine in collaboration with real estate agents and is expected to win millions in advertising revenue away from Fairfax. Webber's nanny state During the recent furore over Mark Webber's claims Victoria was a nanny state, I remember being puzz


Twitter highlights part 4

This post in a continuing series covers the first half of 2009. (Why?) January 2009 noted a lot of joggers about. New year's resolutions? There's a few people out on the roads who should resolve to indicate. 5:28 PM Jan 1st from txt watching Marita beat up virtual people in Wii boxing. 12:23 PM Jan 3rd from web is not the new Doctor Who. 7:59 PM Jan 5th from web barrelled over to Bu


How about some wider footpaths?

There are around 70,000 parking spaces in Melbourne's CBD [source], and cars are a minority access mode. So don't you think they could forfeit a few street parking spaces in the "Little" streets so some narrow footpaths could be widened? (Little Lonsdale Street looking towards William Street. The truck was legally parked.) For instance, Little Lonsdale Street has parking along both side


Trains along freeways aren’t necessarily a good idea

From time to time people suggest that train lines should be built in the middle of all new freeways. The problem with building train lines along freeways is you'd be in danger of them all ending up like Jacana or Kannanook. Because freeways take up so much space, make so much noise, and generate so much pollution, any stations are likely to be a long way from houses, shops, or other plac

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This makes no sense

From ABC's AM on Monday, on the rise of anti-government rhetoric in the USA: BILL CLINTON: A lot of the things that have been said, they create a climate in which people who are vulnerable to violence because they're disoriented, like Timothy McVeigh was, are more likely to act. We ought to have a lot of political dissent a lot of political argument. Nobody is right all the time but we also hav

Video games

The hero

A while back we were in EB Games in Swanston Street having a look at the big Nintendo area on the first floor. Jeremy sat and played a bit of New Super Mario Brothers with another kid. Both being experienced players, they gave the very last level a go. But towards the end, Jeremy's character fell into the lava or got hit by a fireball or something, and his game ended. The other kid kept playing