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112 warm days in a row

The other week it was noted that we'd gone 100 days of Melbourne's maximum temperature being over 20 degrees. That was the first time in 150 years of recorded weather observations that it had happened. By my count, we're now at day 112. The last day of less than 20 degrees was 17.8 on the 8th of December. [Source: Bureau of Meteorology] And it shows no sign of ending yet; the forecast


Myki transaction update

Sometime in the last 24 hours, my Myki online topups finally got resolved, some 24 days after they got stuck. Last week I used the web site feedback form to point out that the topup from 2/3/2010 had got stuck, and the one from 4/3/2010 was stuck behind it. They unjammed it somehow, and by Saturday morning, the first had successfully completed and the second had been transmitted to my card.

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This is the law

I've written about this before, but just so it's absolutely clear, I'm going to include a picture[1] with the text: When turning left or right at any intersection (except a roundabout) you must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road you are turning into. -- source: VicRoads: Driving in Victoria -- Rules and Responsibilities, pages 35 and 39. I'm pretty narked off that a 4WD own

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100th birthday

Adrian and Peter turned 100 today. To be precise, their birthdays are both today. Adrian (my sister's husband) turned 38, and Peter (my step-father) turned 62. To celebrate the occasion, they're having a joint birthday party on Saturday. So, happy 100th birthday, Adrian and Peter! (I do have a great aunt who turned 100 last year -- on her own, that is.)

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Where are the green men?

A number of traffic lights used for crossing the "little" streets in central Melbourne don't have green/red men. Some do, however, particularly along Swanston Street where there are heavy pedestrian flows and -- I suspect -- more people likely to be just following everyone else like sheep, and not looking for cars before they cross the road. I had been assuming that if there was no g


January’s train

I got to have a short ride in the new X'Trapolis train introduced into service today. The government calls it "Train 2", however the journos prefer call it after the month it was meant to be in service, eg "The January train". For all the consternation about a reduction in seats, seeing it in the flesh confirms my view that the design is okay. Basically there are no 3-in-a-row seats (which ofte


Sunday Life

Sometime last year one of the magazines that came with The Sunday Age, Sunday Life, changed its formula. I used to find at least something interesting while flicking through it. Since the change, nothing. I was thinking that it had turned into a women's magazine. One only has to look at the author names of letters they've published over the last four weeks to know it's almost entirely women who