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One month of Myki

COMMUTERS are ignoring Government advice and are using myki cards on trams as well as trains. ... (Jean Ker Walsh said) ''Myki equipment on trams is turned on for use by testers and system auditors,'' she said. ''Everyone else on the tram should have a valid Metcard.'' -- The Age, Caution urged for travellers who take the myki on trams The Myki scanners on the trams (those that work, any



Was watching an email list discussion about imperial vs metric. I'm young enough that all I learnt at school was metric, but most of the adults around me (such as my parents) were more familiar with imperial, and some of it rubbed off and entered my knowledge and vocabulary. So I do know that an adult male is about 6 feet tall. That railway lines (in Victoria) are 5 foot 3 wide. Computer

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The Loud list

At work I have a "Loud" play list, for when things are noisy in the office and I need to concentrate on something. Loudness helps, but an all-encompassing sound is even better for when I need to drown out other noise. Most artists in my collection have at least a few loud songs, but some which have more than others and are more prominent on the list, such as: The Living End Led Zeppelin



See also: 2015 update Just so we're clear here about which type of train is which, here's a quick guide... Firstly, this is the train that's in the news today: the Siemens. Their brakes have problems. (Update 2012: The brake problems have apparently been fixed.) Whereas this is the Comeng. Their air-conditioners tend to konk out above 35 degrees. (Update 2012: The air-con has been fixed

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Happy birthday, Flinders Street Station

The current Flinders Street Station is 100 years old today. There's a newish book on the history of Flinders Street Station called Beyond the Facade by Jenny Davies. Recently I was walking through the Degraves Street subway and noticed a display for the book. Then something in one of the windows caught my eye; amongst the cartoons, a familiar logo: Below this was a copy o


Laptop vs USB stick for school

Was chatting a while back to a colleague about his kids in high school. One of them ends up carrying an enormous amount of stuff to and from school, including books and sports equipment, but also a notebook (laptop) computer costing a couple of thousand dollars. Giving students laptops makes no sense to me. Compared to desktops, they're damaged more easily, they're more expensive to buy (or les


Transport in the west end

Work has moved me to the west end of the city, and apart from needing to figure out where there's a decent newsagency and ATM, I'm also figuring out the transport links. Flagstaff station is the closest. Easy. Well, until they go ahead with that plan to move Frankston trains out of the loop, which is not a bad idea in and of itself, but it'll mean a little extra hassle. But within the CBD, a

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On the roads

The horrific car accident on Sunday morning that left 5 teenagers dead reminds me of some very stupid driving I saw from people on the trip down to Inverloch and back. On the way down I saw a motorcyclist come up behind me on a stretch of single lane road. I was doing about the speed limit. He sat behind me for a few minutes. I saw a sign noting we were coming up to an overtaking lane, and thou


Lynne Kosky resigns

People, people, people, you may be celebrating the fact that Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky has resigned. But it's not that simple. Just as the replacement of Connex with Metro hasn't miraculously fixed the trains, neither will everything magically be okay with a new minister at the helm. She was spot-on last week when she said "If I could fix it overnight I would, but it will take ti