Myki: the cases for and against

It's a year today since Myki was switched-on in Melbourne. There were a lot of problems on day one, and many others have been highlighted in the last twelve months. In today's Herald Sun, Paul Mees argues Myki should be scrapped and replaced with a system from elsewhere, such as Perth's SmartRider. I argue that while it was a bad idea to build it, it may now be too late to scrap Myki; to do

Friends and loved ones

Merry Christmas

Quieter than usual due to my boys being away in Hawaii, but I chatted with them on Skype this evening. Presents are easier now all the adults in the family have switched to (non-anonymous) Kris Kringle... and of course we stuffed ourselves full of heaps of food. The only downer was being locked-out of my sister's house for a little while, and I managed to get the wrong thing for my niece's


Perfect for a train-spotter

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for a train-spotter? Got a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Then splurge and buy them a home in this new development in Caulfield East. Urban Art Apartments is an artistic, inspired residential development in Caulfield East which is surrounded by lush greenery and designer art pieces. The development will feature a range of 34 architect


Dream: the late start

Just had an interesting dream. I dreamt that I woke up at 11:48am (according to the clock) today. (I'd intended to get up and out early, with a planned half-day at work followed by various errands before the shops shut for Christmas.) Somehow I'd slept through the alarm. Despite it being late, I was very sleepy. I stumbled through the house and was surprised to find the washing machine runni


Lego: Santa’s little helper

For the past year or two, Lego have advertised heavily around Christmas time on billboards and in newspapers. Surprisingly, they don't direct you to the Lego web site, but say to search for "Santa's little helper". This is tied into their advertising for those keywords on Google, which goes through to their web site with a gift suggestion applet. (For some crazy reason goes to a

Politics and activism, transport

Baillieu and the Clearways

Seems the more cynical (especially on the left) are panicking about the new Coalition government in Victoria, including with regard to public transport -- trams in particular. Remember Kennett! Well no, hold on. Baillieu is not Kennett, this is not 1992, and the economy is not stuffed. There is no mandate nor need to drastically cut government debt, nor cut government spending. And unlike