I’m sharp and smart


Daniel's sharp and smart

(It’s a sharps disposal container at Monash Medical Centre.)

Also spotted just before Christmas, reindeer carrot in Safeway:


  • “The carrots preferred by reindeers.”
  • “Ingredients: Carrots, magic, love.”

I wonder if the ACCC would approve of those claims?

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8 Replies to “I’m sharp and smart”

  1. Ingredients are meant to be listed in order of quantity. Isn’t it a bit embarrassing when they put more magic into their carrots than love?

  2. Dagoba organic chocolates used to list “love” as the final ingredient in their ingredient list. It made it a fun gift. Since the company was acquired by Hershey’s, they no longer list “love”. Having worked for global food companies, I suspect this maybe due to legal caution of a large corporation.

  3. WRT “smart”, one of the funniest comments I’ve heard from a colleague came after he’d been out driving – “I’d rather have a smart driver and a dumb bus.”

    Melbourne people, particularly those who’ve travelled the new ring services, will know what I mean.

  4. Jagger — it’s the AddThis button. I’ll review my use of it, but in the meantime you might like to block addthis.com manually in your Hosts file or by other means.

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