Expires 10/09

Old credit cardOne of my credit cards expired at the end of last month. It happens to be the one I hang most of my automatic payments off.

My ISPs (internet access and web) emailed me to ask for new details. So too did Citylink and the after-school care people, so I updated all of those.

The Age just stopped delivering. Revising my details online didn’t seem to work. Eventually I rang them up and discovered in fact it was an unrelated problem — I’d suspended deliveries for a couple of days, and they thought I was still on holiday. Whoops.

Most of the charities and the health insurance people haven’t been in touch. I’ve got a bit of a case of CBF calling them myself, but it appears that Oxfam and Medibank have just kept charging regardless.

Will be interested to see what the others — Greenpeace, Amnesty, Salvation Army — do. If they can’t figure it out for themselves or ring me to ask, I guess I’ll have to get in touch with them myself.

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9 Replies to “Expires 10/09”

  1. That’s a lot to have hanging off a credit card, esp the charity donations. You must have been paying a mammoth interest bill!

  2. >> Thatโ€™s a lot to have hanging off a credit card, esp the charity donations. You must have been paying a mammoth interest bill!

    Not necessarily – I charge EVERYTHING to my credit card, so that my cash stays in my offset account to SAVE interest off my home loan. I pay the credit card as soon as the statement arrives.

    Thus I use it heavily to make me money – I don’t pay a cent in interest or fees.

  3. Here’s the details for the Connex Party:

    From December 1, Connex will no longer run Melbourne’s trains.
    Here’s our chance to say goodbye once and for all!
    It’s also an opportunity to put the new company on notice that weโ€™re not giving up the fight for better public transport.

    Theme: affordable, accesible, reliable public transport

    Featuring: guest speakers, party food, bands and a giant goodbye card

    Where: Flinders st station steps

    When: Thursday December 3, 4pm (Connex apologises in advance for any possible delays

    BYO โ€“ public transport horror story!

    RSVP: goodbyeconnex@gmail.com or call Resistance 9639 8622

    NOT sponsored by Connex. Brought to you by Resistance

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