…and hello Metro

New uniforms for most staff, and new automated announcements ("Welcome to Metro") are the only noticeable changes so far. My train was on time, but others were cancelled according to the upgraded Metro web site. Channels 7, 9 and 10 were all down at Flinders St Station along with The Age Online to interview passengers, and apparently some media saw off the last Connex train to leave FSS last ni


Farewell Connex

Connex took over running the Caulfield and Northern group lines on 18th April 2004, and to mark the occasion they put up a Welcome to Connex banner at Caulfield station. Evidently from day one, things didn't go entirely to plan. Over the past five years they've seen the strain of record numbers of passenger trips, with little government investment to help manage it, as well as reliability p

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A new tool for spying on the neighbours

Yesterday's great website discovery:, which shows high resolution (and recent) satellite pictures of Melbourne and other places -- a leapfrog over anything currently on Google Maps. And I discovered that Ormond station has its official three-letter code, OMD, written on the top of it. How odd; I wonder why? View it at Alas, Frankston doesn't, and I haven't foun


The most useless map ever

The Myki people finally posted some useful information on their web site, just days after the PTUA posted a Myki Q+A. They've also posted this gem on the Myki web site: Under Maps / Metro trains, it purports to be a "Metro train zones" map. What an utterly pointless creation. No reference point other than the bay. How does this help anybody at all? (Stop press: I gave feedback to the

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One of the things you really notice as a pedestrian in wet weather is low-hanging branches over the footpaths. I don't know if the wet weather we've been having causes the trees and bushes to put on a growth spurt, or it's just more noticeable because every time you brush against something lots of water falls on you, or because it's harder to avoid head collisions while dodging puddles and hold


No, I won’t

See here's the thing, Mr Facebook. Just because someone I know on your fine service has managed to resist the temptation to add 300 "friends" (most of whom in reality he barely knows) who can bombard him with requests to play Mafia Wars and Farmville and endless pointless quizzes, doesn't mean you can rope me into suggesting people to him. If he feels he has the time to throw away so tha

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Getting stuff done (or not)

Marita's gone off overseas with Justine to explore San Francisco and surrounds. Management of time is often an issue for me, and I in no way want to say that her presence is a cause of me not getting things done. But I thought that while she's gone for three weeks, I might have some time on my hands. So here are some things I intended to do while she's away: My tax return, which was due


Expires 10/09

One of my credit cards expired at the end of last month. It happens to be the one I hang most of my automatic payments off. My ISPs (internet access and web) emailed me to ask for new details. So too did Citylink and the after-school care people, so I updated all of those. The Age just stopped delivering. Revising my details online didn't seem to work. Eventually I rang them up and discovere