Twitter highlights part 3

Here, in the interests of data preservation, is the third instalment of my best Twitter posts. July 2008 What's this? From the man who brought you Myki (Peter Batchelor) comes a new coal-fired power station, the day before Garnaut reports?! 10:09 AM Jul 2nd, 2008 from web Umbrella self-destructed, top flew off. At least the trains aren't crowded, thanks to school holidays. 8:23 AM Jul 8th


The FKN line is stuffed again

From time to time I'll rant on Twitter about the FKN (Frankston -- it's an official code) line being stuffed. After a few months of pretty good performance right around the rail network, the past week has seen a marked decline. Pulling together info from Connex's Twitter feed and SMS alerts, and excluding a medical emergency or two: Fri Oct 9th: 6:08am and 8:06am Bentleigh to City, and an ex


Selling shoes

So, those very nice but badly sized Ecco shoes I bought a couple of months ago... I'm finally selling them on eBay: I bought these shoes recently. I wore them a couple of times and then realised I'd made a huge mistake: I had got the wrong size. Could I return them to the shop? No, not really - there's now a teensy bit of wear on them - not noticeable under normal conditions, but enough to make