Red Dwarf – they thought it was an arts programme

You want comedy? I'll show you comedy. When British sci-fi comedy show Red Dwarf came on the scene, the ABC programmers didn't know what to do with it. First they put it on Saturday afternoons, as a filler. The following year, the summer of 1990-91, they aired it again, this time as part of the Sunday afternoon arts coverage. Because, y'know, it fits in well with programmes about Mozart and

If Daniel was emperor of the world, transport

Stupid grunty cars

Here's a draft of a bulletin I'll send out at some stage after I've taken over as Grand Emperor of the World and established my benevolent dictatorship. Dear owners of stupid grunty noisy cars, I hereby decree that you have three choices for your stupid grunty noisy cars: 1. You may, at your expense, have your car altered to remove the stupid grunty noise; 2. You may have your car sent

If Daniel was emperor of the world, Melbourne

When suburb names get stupid

Came across this business. They have two branches. They have a Chadstone branch, which is actually in Hughesdale, and they have a Bentleigh branch, which I'll grudgingly admit is technically in Bentleigh, but is actually on Patterson Road, right next to Patterson station. As I've noted before, Hampton East now stretches right the way to Moorabbin, as does Bentleigh -- both now end just across t


Myki’s biggest problem?

This was a number 96 tram in Bourke Street on Friday afternoon: Similar scenes are seen in morning peak around much of the tram network, during the lunchtime rush in the CBD, as well as the evening peak, as well as weekends. Now imagine it with Myki: everyone touching-on and off their cards as they board and alight, at 2 seconds+ per transaction. If they can speed up the scanners, tha


Making your argument count

"That is right, 38 new trains, pity they are only 3 carriages long instead of 6 like our current trains. I guess that means we paid double." -- Comment on the Herald Sun web site Seriously, where do people get these ideas? It's complete garbage. "Thirty eight X'Trapolis six-car sets will be rolled-out from late 2009 to 2011." -- Department of Transport web site See, I'm all for bagging wh


Call me Bruce

My name's really Daniel, but if you like you can call me Bruce. More fun with Google translations of a Chinese media article: ... Victorian government has not yet determined when to start full operation ultra-budget Myki ticketing system, it was originally promised in 2007 and spent 130 million on the operation of the system, will begin before Christmas on buses, trains and trams on the use


Up and down like a yoyo

Back in uni, we had a Unix server which (unlike the faculty machines) was available for use by any student. Its name was yoyo, and it was invaluable back when internet access was hard to come by, and official university access was only granted to students studying IT subjects. Why "yoyo"? There was a hope that it wouldn't be up and down like a yoyo. Looks like it's still around:


Why do people sometimes not revalidate?

From time to time you'll see someone having a whinge that they got on a tram and nobody bought a ticket or validated one, and therefore they must all be freeloaders. For example these comments on the Herald Sun web site: On every tram i board, only one person out of the 30 on there actually use a ticket! -- Lindsay of Adelaide We already have defacto free travel in the city anyway. Hardly a