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It’s the Beatles!

Today’s release of The Beatles Rock Band video-game and the remastered CDs is enough to get me excited about the band all over again.

Not that I’ll rush out and replace my collection of CDs with these new ones, but it’s sorely tempting to buy my the new versions of a few favourites, such as Sgt Pepper, The White Album and Abbey Road, which were the first three I bought on CD, back in the late-80s. [Extensive review of the remastered versions].

I just love the opening animation from Rock Band.

(Watch it here to see it without the added intro bit, and in better quality.)

Even the commercial is cool.

I only just got around to getting Guitar Hero, so I won’t rush to get Beatles Rock Band, and I’d want to make sure the guitar is compatible — apparently it is. I’ll keep playing through GH and look at BRB at some stage later when it’s dropped in price.

Daniel’s Beatle Trivia#1: Favourite Beatle song of the moment: Paperback Writer. Love that riff.

Daniel’s Beatle Trivia#1 2: About halfway through The Inner Light I always expect it to start repeating itself, because that’s what the first copy I had of it (a secondhand LP of The Beatles Rarities) did.


Melway nerdery

I’m a bit of a Melways nerd. I got a new (2010) edition for my birthday. They’re no fools, the people at Ausway, putting the new edition out in time for Father’s Day (which in Australia is the first Sunday in September).

My 2006 edition will go into the car (where it may get a little beaten up), and the 2002 will be retired.

Looking through the new one, some of the things caught my eye, mainly things that have recently changed, or are marked in even though they haven’t changed yet:

  • 358 G7 — Caroline Springs Station proposed
  • 48 F10 — Nunawading railway crossing removed, and new station built; this won’t actually happen until January
  • 88 J6 — Dingley Freeway under construction
  • 183 B11 — South Morang Station proposed (but now it’s actually happening)
  • 179 F1 — the mysterious E14 expressway has morphed into Aitken Boulevard
  • 103 C7 — Peninsula Link being built — byebye to the amusingly named Pobblebonk Wetland Reserve
  • 215 D6 — Cardinia Station proposed
  • 203 J11 — Point Cook Station proposed, though I gather it’ll actually be called Williams Landing
  • 2E C2 — shows the Wheel (without the bits chopped out of it, as it looks now) and Costco
  • 2F B9 — I didn’t know Crown’s western entrance was in fact called the “Western Porte Cochere”
  • 2H D11 — weirdarse street numbers in Madden Grove, Burnley
  • 2P B4 — tram 3a correctly shown in Fitzroy Street
  • tram 48 change to Collins Street, which will happen later in September

At some stage surely they have to re-do the page numbers. It’s such a mess at the moment, with anything outside the original edition’s pages out of whack, sometimes severely.