Happy birthday to me

Last year of my 30s starts today.

While I’d love to have a lazy day at home and a big party, I haven’t been organised enough, so neither will happen. Instead it’ll be a work day, punctuated by breakfast with my boys, lunch with my girl, and dinner with my Posse of TroUblemAkers — family catchup will be on the weekend.

17 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Shell

    Ooh! Happy birthday! Your birthday post usually is the first time that I realise that my own birthday is fast approaching – I’m 2 weeks younger.

    This’ll be one of the best ever tho – I’ll be on a train in the Canadian Rockies! Woohoo!

  2. Jed

    Happy birthday! You’ll get to be 40 next year and I’ll get to be 42 later this year. My little brother (well, not so little any more) will be 40 this year.

  3. Thanks all! And happy birthday Graeme and Paul!

    By the way, yesterday afternoon I got a surprise box of chocolates from my colleague whose husband shares my birthday. Thanks HP!

  4. warren

    No worries Danny, once you get over the hill.. you start to pick up speed, I got free drinks at my local on my 40th, but they give me free drinks all the time, it’s sorta like drunken frequent flier points, this spell check thing is starting to shit me…..i am human, I make mistakes..one of which might be getting drunk then getting on-line, i’m going to the pub, to hang out with other drunks, and I am going to walk (the beer gut needs all the help it can get”

    Happy Birthday is a pathetic and mandatory salutation

    “every day is a good day”

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