Home life

By the power of Greywater!

My rough estimate is that at home it takes about three litres of running the hot tap before the water actually gets hot. One of my most commonly-used taps is in the laundry sink, which doubles as a sink for the back toilet. Being a laundry sink it's big enough for a ten litre bucket, so I've put one in there. Consequently that bucket is collecting an enormous amount of greywater for the gard


The ebb and flow of Melbourne trains

This is cool: it's a representation of Melbourne's trains across the day, and from a cursory look, appears to be pretty accurate to the timetable (possibly more so than the actual trains!). https://vimeo.com/5570311 Ebb and Flow of Melbourne Trains by Flink Labs from Flink Labs on Vimeo. From a mob called Flink Labs, who explain how they did it on their web site. One niggle: It stop

Morons on the road

OZCOOL = Moron

The other week I met a thoroughly nice bloke who drives a four-wheel-drive. But while he gets some flak from his mates about it, he doesn't live up to the cliche. He regularly uses it out in the bush as part of green activism while monitoring loggers. Interesting. So not all 4WD owners fulfil all the 4WD cliches, by any means. But some do. For example a bloke spotted last week driving a vehi


The new trains

All the TV media, and some other outlets, last night ran stories about the 38 new trains coming (the first at the end of this year), and how they'll only run on part of the network. Channel 9 story ABC Online I thought it was a curious angle to take, as it's not really all that important. Why it's so Back when the suburban rail network was split into two back in 1999, a condition

Video games

Wii Sports Resort – For The Win!

Okay I admit it, we fell for the hype, Jeremy and I. The demos of the game at the EB Games Nintendo Experience thing in Swanston Street, and Jeremy's participation in a Nintendo event at Southland convinced us to pre-order Wii Sports Resort from EB Games. In doing so we gained an extra (so two in total) Motion Plus controller (and a recharger thingy that's pretty much useless to us because we alre


There’s no problem

Remember the mess the trains were last summer? Well, the Comeng trains, which are prone to air-conditioner failures above 34.5 degrees, haven't been fixed, and there's still plenty of track waiting for upgrades to prevent buckling. But that doesn't mean you should worry about a repeat performance this coming summer. Mr Brumby says it won't happen. (Channel 7 news story on the parliament


Billy: No more beech

Dammit, why does this keep happening? I figure out what I want to buy, and it vanishes. After getting the Ikea Billy bookshelves setup, after some procrastinating, I worked out I needed an extra shelf. When I went back last time they were out of stock (I had checked the web site; it had lied to me.) Now the colour I want has vanished from the web site completely. So earlier this week I ju


The Dumbarse, in three acts

Act 1: He went to stand between the carriages for a smoke. (It was a Hitachi. Very retro.) It should be pointed out that this doesn't stop the smoke smell drifting through the carriages, though obviously it's better than doing it in the carriage. Apart from the fact that smoking anywhere is dangerous for your health, the last time I saw something like this attempted, the half-a-dozen undercover Au