Attn: Melbourne City Council

On Thursday I noticed a Melbourne City Council City Of Melbourne worker wandering around Collins Street with a street sign under his arm, apparently puzzled as to where to put it up. Today I noticed it had gone up. In the wrong place. There is no way through to Howey Place there. If you follow it you'll walk straight into a Kookai store, with no way out the other side. (Though you might

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How to move people efficiently

The most efficient way of moving people is using their own two feet. Here's the statistical measure: (Graph from Teufel, D, 1989, ‘Die Zukunft des Autoverkehrs’ (The future of car traffic), Umwelt und Prognose Institut, Heidelberg -- and used more recently in PTUA's Response to Australia’s Future Tax System Consultation Paper. Here's another representation of similar information.)