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Digital TV

I had a dream last night that hundreds of new TV channels showed up on digital TV tuners. Weird. I haven't yet upgraded to digital TV. I'm in the unfortunate position of: (a) having bought a 4:3 CRT TV at precisely the wrong time, about 7 years ago, just before the prices plummeted when widescreen LCDs and plasmas went mainstream, and apart from occasionally having a flickering line at the t

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Something for your Pod

I don't have a post for you this morning, so here's something I prepared earlier. This morning I had a chat to the people at 3CR about PT issues, and it reminded me of this recording from Joy FM back in April. I think they'd been intending to post the podcast themselves, but haven't... so I'll do it myself. Public transport -- Joy FM "Heating Up" 6/4/2009 (MP3 -- 8 mins 39 secs, 8Mb) Ther

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Connex and Yarra Trams dumped

So, both Connex and TransdevTSL (operating as Yarra Trams) are being shown into the departure lounge, with MTM (MTR) and Keolis to replace them. I don't think the former is a surprise, though the latter is. Some are celebrating. I know this for a fact, as yesterday morning at the station I heard one man say to his wife that he'd be opening a bottle of champagne if Connex got dumped. htt


Who will it be?

The big announcement may well come in the next few days: who will take over running Melbourne's trams and trains from November? Anybody want to put their predictions on the table? Leave a comment! Your choices: Trains: Connex (Veolia, incumbent) or MTM (Hong Kong MTR consortium) or Keolis Trams: Yarra Trams (TransdevTSL, incumbent) or Keolis (I had a Google survey thing here for a sh

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Dream machine

The other week, in one night, I had a trio of ridiculous dreams. So ridiculous that you half know it's a dream, and it's a ridiculous situation, but you keep on dreaming it anyway. I've forgotten the first. In the second, someone was knocking at my front door and trying to look through the frosted glass while waiting to be let-in, and I, then undressed and taking cover at the corner, kept ca

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Geek Idol

I've had few real idols; people of whom I could genuinely say "I want to be like them." In my early-to-mid 20s, Ben Elton was one of them. Amazingly funny, both on stage and in his writing. I wanted to write stuff that was half as good as his books, but never quite managed to write anything that was engaging enough to last over the length of a novel. My best attempt was The Year 2031, and even


Phoenix changing

When I visited Phoenix, Arizona in 1996, it appeared to be the archetypal car-dominated city. I was told pretty much the only PT was buses once an hour. The freeways were packed at rush hour. Nobody walked anywhere. The downtown area was (especially on weekends) so deserted that they had to have signs saying "Welcome to downtown Phoenix" so that you knew you were downtown. While the people w


Old names

Was just watching the footy and noticed that the Sydney Swans have the initials of their old name -- SMFC -- on their jumpers near the back of the neck. Had previously noticed that the Bulldogs also have this -- FFC. Collingwood doesn't seem to have it. How many other teams do? Is it a heritage thing? Only the teams that have changed their names? Maybe the footy experts reading will know. Hm


Attn: Melbourne City Council

On Thursday I noticed a Melbourne City Council City Of Melbourne worker wandering around Collins Street with a street sign under his arm, apparently puzzled as to where to put it up. Today I noticed it had gone up. In the wrong place. There is no way through to Howey Place there. If you follow it you'll walk straight into a Kookai store, with no way out the other side. (Though you might