Why yes, I have done that

Daniel on Ten News 11/9/2007
Ever tried to do a press conference at Southern Cross station and compete with a locomotive for the microphone? Don’t try. Locos 1. Me 0.
Kevin Rudd PM on Twitter


It occurred to me that there’s not very many people who would be qualified to reply in the affirmative to that, so even though I know the man himself probably won’t read it, and it was a rhetorical question, I thought I’d pipe up:

@KevinRuddPM Yes actually, I have done that. Speak loudly and clearly and hope the microphones pick you up!
danielbowen on Twitter

I’m sure he’d already figured that out for himself.

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3 Replies to “Why yes, I have done that”

  1. .. & so can I now name drop about having actually met you since you’ve got something so in common with the Prime Minister? LOL! :-D

  2. I semi regularly respond to Hughesy – as he often poses questions to his fellow Twitterers…still waiting for him to pick up on my neverending wit and retweet something I’ve said!

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