Itching theory

I have this wild theory that scratching itches is effectively masking the itch with pain. But because scratching can lead to damaging the skin, particularly if there is a scab in the vicinity, it might be better to slap it instead. That would overcome the itch without damaging the skin.

Just an idea. Not one I always put into practice myself. Does it make any sense?

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7 Replies to “Itching theory”

  1. It doesna work. Take it from someone who is favourite food of mozzies worldwide. Scratching is the only thing that makes it better. Slapping just causes a sting that gets even more itchy.

  2. Ice first, and then an X made with a fingernail. That’s the only way to deal with itchies caused by wee beasties.

    Yeah scratching feels good at first – but in the end it just gets more itchy.

  3. After getting a tattoo I slap the location when it starts to itch. for the simple reason as not to damage the skin as it heals.
    Mozzie/Noseeum bites I treat with alcohol.

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