4 thoughts on “Flags over Footscray

  1. Nathan

    Wow Daniel, an audacious plan. This is possibly the most impressive initiative the PTUA has had under your leadership. I’m only disappointed there’s no mention of Police Boxes in your plan.

  2. Somebody

    Sounds good!

    But somehow I don’t trust those ridership figures on the PTUA site for pax-per-hour. How the heck could the Caulfield/Sth Yarra lines only move 3,000 more pax an hour into the CBD than the relatively quiet Clifton Hill group!?

  3. Damn, you’re right. I took a look at the raw data, and it’s missing the totals for about 20 minutes of trains on the Caulfield group, so the total figure should be about 20% higher. I’ll try and get a corrected copy of that data.

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