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Just comparing some of the snacks I regularly take into work, or buy from the charity boxes or fundraiser boxes. SnackSultanas 40gBanana 118gApple 182gGiant Freddo Frog 40gCarmans Apricot & almond muesli barMars Bar 60g Energy536 kJ440 kJ396 kJ884 kJ796 kJ1150 kJ Protein1.1 g1 g0 g3.3 g4.7 g2.1 g Fat - total0.2 g0.5 g0 g11.8 g8.2 g10.4 g - saturated0.0 g0 g0 g7.4 g0.8 g6.2 g Carbohyd

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Some pics from the last week

Sunday afternoon, waiting for the 6:40. Yes, people with grey hair use laptops too. "Mind the gap" is something familiar to Londoners (where some of the gaps really are worth minding), but this warning has recently shown up at Footscray. Monday the 16th was not a good day on


Fiddling with the web server

Fiddling with the web server. Comments will be disabled for a little while, and you may notice some other glitches in the next little while. Update. Moved to new server. Consolidating hosting plans. Not as smooth as I hoped. WP2.7.1 broke some bits of it. 2.7 looks better. Thursday morning. Just waiting for the DNS changes to propogate. If you can see this, they've reached you. And yes



I always used the term depreciated, but according to Wikipedia it's deprecated. It's not trying to say it's lost it's value; it's trying to say you're discouraged from using it. In computer terms it generally means something that has been replaced by something better/newer, but it's still kept around for backwards compatibility. I officially launched on 2nd December 1996. It


Snake tales

A story I heard a while back... Friend of friend driving along an unsealed country road. As is common in dry weather, the car was causing the dirt and rocks to go flying around. Driver had his arm out the window. Something hit his arm. At first he thought it was a stick. He glanced into his mirror and saw a snake flying through the air. Stopped the car and looked at his arm. Two puncture


The iron

I just dropped the iron. No, it didn't cause any kind of comical foot injury, but it did cause a crack in the iron. Time to go shopping for a new one. It's a Sunbeam iron. Lasted 15+ years I think. I'll happily buy another one. I wonder if they're on sale anywhere this week? Will check Catalogue Central -- though it looks like some of the big retailers don't have their latest catalogues shown t

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Medicinal reasons

I'd been meaning to write about this anyway, but one of Richard's Twitter posts reminded me: If only more medical problems could be solved by simply ingesting more caffeine. The world would be a better place. Indeed. The cluster headaches I suffered from last summer did return this year, but happily the medication has been very effective at curbing them. When there is a twinge over and ab


But that was on the outside

The TV soap Prisoner is 30 years old this year. For a year or two in the 80s, our family was hooked on it. I don't remember how or why we started watching it, but some of the characters certainly stick in the mind: "The Freak", Bea Smith, Mrs Morris, Lizzie Birdsworth, and that guard played by Maurie Fields. Of course the story lines were mostly pretty unlikely, but that's how it is with some T


Let the green man go first

At this intersection, as at most, vehicles turning have to give way to pedestrians. Given that, why have they designed it so that the green man appears several seconds after the cars start moving? It was changed a few months ago when they modified the intersection. It sends the wrong message. Surely, to improve safety and remind drivers of their obligations, it would be better to have