Myki has arrived

Myki has arrived in Melbourne. Kind of. The government announced yesterday it is now valid for travel on trains only, so if that’s the third of the PT system that you use, and you never get on a tram or bus, you can use it. I gave it a spin yesterday afternoon. Here’s what happened. […]

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I’m sharp and smart

…apparently. (It’s a sharps disposal container at Monash Medical Centre.) Also spotted just before Christmas, reindeer carrot in Safeway: “The carrots preferred by reindeers.” “Ingredients: Carrots, magic, love.” I wonder if the ACCC would approve of those claims?


Quick lunch review

El Fresco cafe, Centre Road, Bentleigh. Maybe the notice in the front window saying they need experienced staff should have been an omen. Stools in the window to watch the passing parade — excellent. Smokers’ tables far enough away that smoke shouldn’t be a problem except during a strong southerly. The drinks arrived quickly. Tasty, […]

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Christmas is coming

So here we are, Christmas Eve. After yesterday’s heat, it was still 30 degrees C overnight. Thankfully it’s cooled down now to 25, and I’ve opened up the house to let it all in — though hopefully not too many flies. Tomorrow we’ll pile over to my sister’s house for Christmas lunch, but it’s looking […]


The hidden message in the train seats

Many of Melbourne’s train seats look like this: Look closely. Those are not all just random shapes designed to hide the dirt. Anything look familiar?

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Advertising – it’s part of the plan

Massive billboards to remind us about how great the government is? It’s part of the plan. That’s Richmond Station; there’s others at South Yarra and Malvern and no doubt elsewhere. Mind you, the first of the new trains apparently hasn’t actually made it into service yet. It’s a bit like Myki. Lucky they’re not putting […]


Melbourne becomes a big city

When I first visited London in the 90s I was staggered by the scale of it. Not so much physical size, but the mass of people. I remember being at Piccadilly Circus on a Sunday and there were just swarms of people, heading in all directions. I felt like a small town hick who had […]

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Stealth advertising

Seen on Saturday: Don’t go to Dan Murphy’s for your booze — keep going and come to Winelovers Warehouse instead! Technically they’re their truck is illegally parked, of course, hanging out of the parking space into No Standing territory. But I wonder how many people were suckered in?

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Myki newsflash

This was my favourite Twitter post of the week, which I’m repeating here while it’s still timely: NEWSFLASH: Govt to change state to the Assyrian Calendar, giving 3 more months to get #Myki right “by the end of the year” (W00t — Retweets!) And yes if you’re wondering, I had done some research before posting […]

Melbourne Urban tribes

Legal precinct stereotypes

In the legal precinct (William Street between Little Bourke and Latrobe Streets, for non-Melburnians), there are three distinct groups of people that strike me as common, but whom you don’t see much of in other areas of the CBD: 1. Young men looking uncomfortable in shirts and ties (and sometimes suits) — eg defendants and […]