Tramcar of the Beast

Tramcar of the Beast…
Tram of the Beast

The next station is Connex… I don’t think I’ve ever been there.
The next station is Connex

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5 Replies to “Tramcar of the Beast”

  1. I wonder if Connex station is just the ego boost we need to give to these complacent, money wasting fools. I wonder, too, if Connex station has two of its platforms unused whilst the government tots around with its ‘capacity crisis’ baloney.

  2. I wonder as well Reuben.

    I wonder what Connex station would be like? Something totally dysfunctional like that very company.

  3. I imagine Connex station having no platforms, or platforms that are 2 feet lower than the train, but some really sincere apologies for that incovenience.

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