12 thoughts on “Smiley in the sky

  1. Jed

    It is indeed there. I can see it from my front window. Melbourne seems to have less light pollution and more stars visable than many other large cities I have lived in.

  2. Thanks Daniel, you’ve answered my question. Saw it tonight and guessed that the brighter one was Venus, but didn’t know what the other one was. Brightened up my night, it did.

  3. Shell

    Oh man! I started a thread in Flickr at lunchtime letting the Melbourne photo group know this was happening in the hope that someone would take a decent photo of it (my skills are sadly lacking). Many have, but then I come here and you have published the best shot of it I’ve seen tonight!

    Looked pretty good tho, didn’t it? Apparently in America it will be a sad face… awwwwwwwwwww!

  4. Dave

    Unfortunately where I am in Sydney this was a bit of a fizzer as light cloud was covering that part of the sky. A dim glow of the moon was all that was visible through the cloud :(

    Great photo Daniel – thanks!

  5. Altissima

    I’m so glad you posted this. I was going to take a pic but forgot to look at it until about 9.40, by which stage it was halfway hidden behind my neighbors roof, and I was too lazy to drag the tripod round.
    I wonder somebody somewhere asked “God if you exist give me a sign” and then looked up to see this!

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