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CO2 isn’t so bad

A full-page advert for the coal industry in The Age caught my eye the other day. I just love this bit (quoted here from their web site): Carbon dioxide in our daily lives Carbon dioxide itself is not a danger in our everyday lives. In fact, all life on the planet depends on carbon dioxide. […]

Home life

It’s all in the timing

Back in the old house in Ames Avenue, the “central bathroom” was down the back of the house, next to the kitchen. The spot where the microwave oven lived was only about 3 metres from the shower. And the microwave we had at the time included a countdown timer. So when water restrictions came in […]


Only $330 million?

From Hansard — Public transport: automatic ticketing I refer the Minister for Transport to his statement in today’s Herald Sun newspaper that: “Perhaps with 20/20 hindsight we may have tackled things in another way and not signed a contract for a system that had not been trialled anywhere else in the world.” Given this extraordinary […]

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Half-finished posts

It’s time for a clearout. Here’s a bunch of posts I wrote but never got around to posting. In some cases I intended to research them a bit more before publishing, so beware they may be a little half-arsed. Backwards There were claims and counter-claims during the Kororoit byelection campaign (June 2008). I suppose Les […]



Not as in-your-face as the charity muggers waiting on street corners with clipboards are the roasted chestnut stands around town. But does anybody actually buy them? Particularly now the warm weather’s arrived, I can’t imagine many people buying them, but even in winter I never seem to see them have any customers whatsoever. I hope […]

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Movember is here

I was planning on doing Movember this year, but other events in October left me all disorganised (well, more than usual) and I didn’t sign up. For those who are overseas or have otherwise not heard of Movember, it’s a fundraiser. Blokes are clean shaven at the start, but don’t shave their moustaches for the […]

PTUA transport

Going loopy (or not)

From today there were changes to the City Loop. Clifton Hill trains are now running clockwise all day on weekdays (though oddly anti-clockwise on weekends, just to keep people guessing) and Werribee trains are running direct via Southern Cross and Flinders Street in peak hours, bypassing the loop. Is there angst about this? You bet. […]

Morons on the road

Dear driver

Dear silver RAV4 driver who crossed my path this morning, I’ve filled in a form on the EPA web site. You should be hearing from them soon. I recommend you talk to your passenger about a contribution for the fine you’ll be getting.

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How not to carry an overseas news feed

So I’m working from home today, and (while getting some work done) keeping an eye on the vote. I hope any Americans reading made the effort to vote. How is it that ABC1 can screw-up their CNN feed? First they were blocking half the vital latest figures (the electoral college count) with a stock banner. […]

Warrnambool 2008

Back to the burbs

After checking out of the hotel and temporarily leaving the bags in their care, we headed to the shops to buy a newspaper and one last postcard. Then there was time for a little more flying foxing in the playground (and some filming for a video production the kids had devised) before picking up the […]