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End of week brief things

ABC Childcare is in big financial trouble, has been for weeks. The crazy thing is childcare is in heavy demand, and there are government subsidies which should make it all very profitable. I guess not if your childcare company gets too ambitious and borrows heavily to expand and then comes up against a worldwide financial […]

Melbourne transport

Parking on the pavement

It’s easy to see why motorcycles are offered free kerb parking around the CBD. They take up less space on the road, and (with typically one rider, not much difference to the 1.22 average people per car) burn less fuel and generate less emissions than cars (though more per person than public transport, cycling or […]

Politics and activism transport

Who to vote for, part 2

This survey of candidates was not on behalf of the PTUA. I’ve got responses back from four of the council candidates for Tucker ward in Glen Eira. All four responded positively when asked about transport (in particular public transport) issues. A number of them highlighted the issue of a lack of direct bus service from […]

Going green News and events

155 litres a day

There’s a bit of fuss about the new water target of 155 litres per person per day. (It seems particularly fussing were people on talkback radio with big families who couldn’t quite grasp that it’s per person not per household.) I have an efficient shower head, and generally have sub-4-minute showers, and have a garden […]

Politics and activism

Who to vote for?

This Saturday is local council election day. Only nine councils are doing voting in person — all the rest have switched to postal voting. I’m lucky enough to be voting in person. Oh sure, sending in an envelope might be more convenient. But I’ll be getting to peruse the cake stall and buy a sausage. […]

Morons on the road transport

Look out before you step out

A reminder in this morning’s paper of why you should look before you step out of a tram: The 12.14am kid arrives, the blue light case. The paramedics got him in quicker than 15 minutes. He’s a mess. He’s collided with a car allegedly travelling 70 km/h in Preston as he stepped out of a […]

Net TV


Flashback to a post I wrote about personal branding, in particular your name. I suspect it’s something that happens as you get older, but sometimes I roll my eyes at people who persist in using nicknames on the Interwebs. If it’s a nickname you’ve had In Real Life, then fair enough. But otherwise? Why use […]


Eastlink’s snarls are by design

From today’s Herald Sun: Eastlink labelled a disaster A NEW report has told us what motorists already know – the southern end of EastLink is a traffic disaster. … Toll company ConnectEast is suffering a $227,000 a day shortfall in EastLink tolls it expected to rake in. Trading in the company’s shares remains halted ahead […]


Some unsung blogs I read

Thanks in part to Google Reader and the miracle of RSS feeds, I read way more blogs than I post comments on. I do leave some comments, but I just don’t have the time to properly have a blog.conversation on all the posts I read. I try to bear in mind the XKCD cartoon: “Someone […]


Have you ever been to Unknown LineID [11]?

“Change here for Unknown LineID [11].” You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Unknown LineID [11]. It sounds like a delightful part of the world. To my surprise, it didn’t happen just once.