Friends and loved ones


From everything I saw and heard of her, Marita’s sister Rose was smart, kind, feisty, funny, and happy with her job and her life. She died on Friday in a car accident near Shepparton, aged 29. Just tragic. Rosemary, 1979-2008 Rest In Peace Update: Herald Sun notices


Just in case

Because you can never have too much redundancy redundancy. (During last Friday’s Grand Final parade.)


You’re welcome, but your car isn’t

Neil Mitchell in the Herald Sun last week, has some strange ideas about the City: Second, there’s transport. It is difficult to get into the city and difficult to move around it. As Jeff Kennett said this week, those monster tram stops have clogged traffic and undermined the principle behind the magnificently simple design of […]


Predictive text

I love my mobile phone’s predictive text. It makes writing messages quite fast, considering the tiny keyboard. But it seems some people don’t know this: if it comes up with a word that you don’t want, you press * to look at alternatives from its dictionary. If you don’t find the one you want, you […]