Bad planning fixed

Remember a month ago when I noted the tree planted in the middle of the taxi rank next to Bentleigh railway station? The tree forced taxi drivers out into traffic to move up to the front of the rank. Today I noticed the local council has fixed it, moving the tree back to between the bus stop and the taxis. I don't know if the taxi drivers complained... but I wouldn't blame them if they h

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Car culture

Now THIS is car culture. Come to Kingston Central Plaza! Bring your hulking great four-wheel drive! In fact WE DON'T EVEN ALLOW compact cars in our car parks! Yes, we've built a shopping centre just for you, where we wanted it, on cheap land. Why stick to the designated activity centres in the Melbourne 2030 plan when you can build on federal airport land and bypass all that? Good planni


Missing the tram

If there's one thing I miss since moving to the middle burbs, it's the trams. Some people talk about public transport culture vs car culture. Car culture is where the default is to jump in the car to go anywhere. PT culture is where the default is to go to the local tram, train or bus stop. When I lived in the inner suburbs, the quality of the service meant there really was a PT culture. It was

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How many people?

A while ago I did a little digging for the purposes of quantifying the audience for different media, for a discussion within the PTUA about how many people see which outlet. I've recently skimmed through and grabbed some new figures. (Obviously it's not just about the raw numbers -- the demographic of the audience is important too.) Local newspapers cover areas of varying sizes. Their circulati

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Had to laugh at this AP report: Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Trying to head off a potentially embarrassing state ethics report on GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, campaign officials released their own report Thursday that clears her of any wrongdoing. ... That's pure genius. Why did nobody think of this before? If I ever get


English (UK)

Facebook wants to know if I speak "English (UK)". And they want to know if I want to be an interpreter for them. You what? What a strange question. Since when do non-US-English speakers need to have translations from the Americans? Anyway, why isn't it asking me if I speak English (AU) ? And if Facebook's revenue was USD 300 million last year and they're worth an estimated USD 1


Helen gets the razor

Helen Razer has been sacked from 774. I'm a reasonably frequent listener to part of her Sunday morning show, only because I'm often in the car driving at that time. She can be reasonably entertaining. I don't remember hearing the controversial interview with Stephen Berkoff, but regardless of whether she deserves her fate, I wouldn't mind if ABC Radio rejigged its schedule. At 10am on a S