The Friday night Hitler documentary

So seriously, do we really need SBS's weekly Friday Night Hitler Documentary? I mean, almost every single Friday night, or so it seems. Don't get me wrong: I know it's vitally important for the human race remember and learn from the terrible deeds of the past, but don't people get sick of this stuff? Okay, so maybe it's not every Friday night. But looking at the last six months or so, they h

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A few pics

It's nice that the all-new Jazz has come to town... but which town? Judging from the poster, London, apparently, not Melbourne. The order's Roll. Beef Roll. Bless 'em, they're trying their best to stop any redundancy redundancy. No. You don't understand. IT DOESN'T APPLY TO ME. (Mind you, with people apparently continually parking on it, it's looking more like dirt than lawn.)


The rally

The rally on Sunday was good. At least a couple of hundred rowdy residents protesting against the proposed $8 billion (or $9 billion, or maybe more) road tunnel proposal. I had prepared some notes, but sure enough, didn't follow them when I spoke. I never do. Of course, the act of preparing notes lets me go through the factoids I need to know for when I speak. Hopefully it sounded okay; I was a

Home life

Interest rates

Last year I took a gamble and locked in my home loan interest rate at 7.85%. At the time, and for the first half of this year, it looked like it had paid off. With the recent drops though, I'm not so sure it will in the long term. I'm locked in at 7.85%; the current basic home loan variable rate through the same bank is now 7.94% (though it's 8.57% for the standard variable rate), though who kn


Giving blood

For regular donors, the Blood Bank will send you a letter a couple of weeks before their mobile branch visits your area. Then if they haven't heard from you, they ring you up in the week before. I never seem to find the time to ring them before they ring me. The problem is by then they're inevitably booked out. So they'll ring me up and I'll say Yeah I'd like to book in, and I'll nominate a few


Muckup day FAIL

It seems some students at Xavier went over-the-top in their end of school celebrations, ties used as G-strings, with one student injured, food fights on trams, jumping on cars, firecrackers let off at Balaclava Station, and all year 12 classes cancelled. (Some newspaper reports say the entire year level was suspended, but the principal was on radio on Wednesday morning saying this wasn't strictly

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Activist things

I don't know what's wrong with The Age web site, but frequently the online version of the Letters page leaves big slabs of text out of people's letters. They did it with mine this morning, which is a response to a letter in yesterday's Age. Given the heading they gave it, the missing first paragraph means it makes no sense whatsoever. Here it is in full: Letter from a fan? Two cheers for Gra

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Hung parliamant

There must have been cutbacks at the ABC. Apparently they can't afford a dictionary anymore. Or maybe host Virginia Haussegger can't spell. (Not that I'd be having a go at her, oh no.) It flashed up a few times during the ACT election coverage on Saturday night. (For some reason it seems a version of ABC1 from north of the border comes through on one of the ABC digital channels. Makes fo

Friends and loved ones

My sister

My sister Susannah is lovely. Kind and funny. Thoughtful and smart. Full of empathy when it matters -- always up for a whingefest session on the phone, and understands what it's like to be time-poor. Her kids are nice, her husband Adrian's a dude. She's successful -- she's made her business work, they seem to be going great guns. And it's her 36th birthday today. Happy birthday Sis.