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My dad and the trains

When I was a kid, my dad would take us to Camberwell Civic Centre every April or so, to see the huge model train exhibition they had there. We'd wander around for a couple of hours and I would dream that one day I'd have a really big, detailed train set. Early on I had Lego trains; the ones with the blue rails, and coveted the mains electric ones, which I saw in a foreign language Lego catalogu


These projects are usually only thunder, rained on!

Too busy to blog this morning. (Reasons: 1 2 3 4 5) Found this article on a Chinese language web site. I can't read it, so I fed it into the Google translator facility. I'm sure in the original Chinese, it's completely grammatically correct -- it's the automated translation back to English that's so entertaining. Some highlights: Melbourne train passengers surge in the provincial governme



I got a bunch of good stuff for my birthday last month -- books, CDs, a groovy t-shirt, some terrific framed old photos. One particularly good book was a book about street-artist Banksy. I hate stupid meaningless graffiti (and have been regularly contacting Connex about Glenhuntly Station... they're not quite meeting their own "clean within 24 hours of report" policy, but are close). But Banksy's



I'm at home today, not well. So here's a brief post. I keep forgetting what this is called: Parkour closely related to Free running. Basically pedestrianism for superhumans. This video from Top Gear shows it off well. You can skip the first minute if you're not interested in the Peugot 207 that James May is racing against the Parkour guys. (Available here in high resolution.) I kno


Living on the edge

The zone system has its faults, such as anomalies with the boundaries, and a big jump in fares when you cross a zone boundary. But it's one of the best things about Melbourne's public transport. Its introduction in the 1980s led to a big boost in patronage, and in terms of ease of use, it remains the best way of charging for trips. Where I live is walking distance to a zone 1 station, meaning I