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Directions to Waverley

The new Customer Information Centre at Flinders Street Station is a funny looking structure. The native grasses growing out of the sides… well, I don’t know who thought of it, but it’s certainly distinctive. Staff will answer customer queries there, and additional staff will be on the platforms from November. Extra staff on Melbourne’s busiest  ... [More]

Doctor Who

Doctor Who 2008

I enjoyed this season. I know I’ve loved the show for decades, but they do seem to keep coming up with new, clever stuff. Voyage of the Damned: A little over-long and plodding in places. I suppose it was a Christmas episode. Partners in Crime: Got the shock of my life at the end when  ... [More]

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Ticket checking at the Show

I couldn’t fault the trains on Tuesday going to the Show. But despite all the talk of fighting fare evasion, things at the Showgrounds station on Tuesday were incredibly sloppy. While the Show tickets were individually scanned on entry, we didn’t have our train tickets checked when arriving or departing. And when we left, we  ... [More]


The spring cluster

Spring has sprung. The weather’s getting nicer. My mind has turned to the cluster headaches that I got for the first time at this time last year. I haven’t had any again yet, but there’s something about the light which just hints that they might be on their way. Or maybe it’s just that my  ... [More]

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The Show

The kids and I set off for the Show on Tuesday morning. It had been about a decade since I’d been — ditto for Isaac, who went with a childcare group some years ago, and we’re not sure if Jeremy had ever been before. Tuesday turned out to be a good day to go. Despite  ... [More]


A few pictures

Apparently Jay has a bowel movement. Not sure why he feels the need to immortalise it on his licence plate though. There can be few things less appetising in the supermarket than this: Ham & chicken flavoured knob. Grand Theft Panto? (Sorry, a little joke for the gunzels.) By the way, my old car finally  ... [More]

Consumerism News and events

I don’t understand the sharemarket

I don’t claim to understand a great deal about the share market, and the current turmoil it’s enduring. I’ve heard the practice of short selling explained twice on the TV or radio in the last few days, and while I think I get how it works, I can’t understand why the owners of the shares  ... [More]


Myki — what goes next?

The government backed down on one of the January fare changes — making Seniors Dailies only available in packs of 5. Not in a pack, really, but on a single ticket. Which meant a couple wanting that fare would have to cough up $33 in one hit. (Some might argue that Seniors shouldn’t get any  ... [More]


Etiquette and crankiness

MISCONDUCT IN FRANKSTON TRAIN Although there have been many convictions for rowdy conduct in the trains to Frankston at weekends, offences of this kind constantly occur. At the Malvern Court on Monday, before Mr. Cohen, P.M. and Messrs. Patterson, Hattam, and Carroll, J.P.’s, the Railway Department proceeded against Bernand Molloy, 214 George street, Fitzroy, and  ... [More]


Bad planning

Recently they’ve done some work on the streetscape in my local shopping centre, Centre Road in Bentleigh. Now, I may not know much about road design, but I think this, at the taxi rank next to the station, is a bad layout. Why? Because when the front taxi gets a fare, the others in the  ... [More]