Civil rights themes

PG - Civil rights themesJudging from the reviews, Salute looks like a good film. I was pondering if it might be educational to my kids, when I noticed the rating.

PG. For “Civil rights themes”. Hmm. Can’t say I’ve spotted that particular classification before.

It almost sounds like more of a recommendation than a warning.

(The trailer is here.)

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5 Replies to “Civil rights themes”

  1. That’s a new one on me. How bizarre that it needs to be specified in the classification when it’s probably described in the summary of the film already.

  2. Warning: This movie contains scenes of people standing up for their rights and demanding that they be treated with respect and justice. May cause the desire to exhibit similar inappropriate behaviour in viewers. Not recommended for anybody who might get silly ideas of human dignity and such like, instead of just shutting up and working harder.

  3. My favourite is “mild themes”.

    For the people who don’t like their children seeing films with themes.

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