Own your own wind turbine

I’ve been wondering about this for a while: if the government won’t fund wind power, is it possible to invest in it privately? I may not be able to buy my own personal windfarm, but could I buy a share in one?

Yes I can. Thanks to a story on AM this morning, I found this: Hepburn Wind, who have issued a prospectus for shares (minimum $1000) in a ~$10 million windfarm project that will power 2000 homes.

Excellent. I’ll seriously consider investing.

6 thoughts on “Own your own wind turbine

  1. Stitch Sista

    Ever read about this mob? I’ve been waiting for years to see if they would ever build this solar tower. Seemed like a great idea to me…we have plenty of sun afterall.


    PS: Sorry I’ve spammed you a couple of times now, but only stuff I really think you’d be interested in!

  2. Andy

    I like it.
    13.5% average return over 25 years is nice.
    I’d expect it to be snapped up in the future by a bigger corporation, or it’ll merge with other wind farms and list on the asx. Either way the share price should increase.

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