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  1. Hm, do I get a prize for guessing those are the ones on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth? I’m so glad that Who is on Sunday nights this year… people are actually watching and talking about it. Suck that, Big Brother :)

  2. Kylie Minogue did the trick didn’t she? She’s also an appalling actor.

    I might further my criticism by saying that Voyage of the Damned is, whilst excellent plot-wise, poor when it comes to character development. And compared to the rest of the season, is puerile.

  3. The ONLY reason why they’re up all over the place is because “our” Kylie is in it for a whole one episode. Gah. /jaded.

  4. It’s the “Christmas Special” episode. Those are always extra cheesy. And we had NONE of that kind of promo here in the U.S. where it runs on the Sci-Fi Channel. In fact, there’s not a whole lot done to promote Doctor Who here in the U.S.


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