Another top class bit of parking. Okay, so it doesn’t appear to actually say “No parking”, but it’s not hard to imagine what the intent was.

I haven’t seen the Get Smart movie yet, but I’m quite amused by these telephone box adverts for it.
Get Smart telephone box advertisement

In Rippon Street, they’re apparently very proud of that beautification award that they almost won, twenty years ago.
Rippon Street

8 thoughts on “Friday fotos

  1. havent seen those ads for get smart? but maybe they just dont have them in the west. saw the movie last night = awsum! one or two bit when i thought “thats ridiculous!” but on the hole – loved it!

  2. My street has “Thornbury village” signs that pretend we’re some sort of Cornish village with a lovely pub and no maladroit drivers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  3. Even funnier that we don’t actually have phone boxes because Telstra can’t be bothered maintaining them! We have phone ‘stands’ with roofs over them. They’ve dressed up our public phones to look like real phone boxes.

  4. Hmm, there’s phone boxes around my neck of the woods Phil. They may not have doors or glass anymore, but they are otherwise fully enclosed.

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