A cold week

Winter is really upon us. I can tell without checking the weather reports that it’s been cold overnight. Monday night/Tuesday morning was probably the coldest night since I’ve moved to Bentleigh, based on the evidence: The heater switched on in the middle of the night to warm up the house. It’s got a pretty low […]


Miss and hit

Given Starbucks’ news that it’s closing most of its Australian branches, it was amusing to read Joel Spolsky’s piece on Starbucks and their sales techniques. I’ve got my own opinions of Starbucks’ product, but I’m not a coffee drinker anyway. Ultimately I think the analysts are right: Starbucks misread the market. Most Australians simply aren’t […]


Notice the difference?

Spot the disclaimer at the top of the page? It’s because a growing number of journos seem to be finding my blog. Certainly nothing wrong with that; nice to see they’re on the cutting edge, gathering information from far and wide. Welcome, media people from everywhere! But I’ve had to emphasise to them that my […]



iTunes has changed the way I buy music, at least to a certain extent. I’m still buying the odd CD, but if I know I want just one particular song, I’m buying just that. For $1.69, you can’t go wrong, can you? (Though given in the US the price is US$0.99, and the exchange rate […]


The wheels on the bus go round and round

In an ideal world, you would hope that when a new estate is settled, they’d provide good quality public transport into it from day one, so that people don’t move in and establish car-oriented travel patterns (eg buy one car per adult, and from thence-forth drive everywhere). Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. The Aurora […]


Sunday morning 9:58

Despite the cold, there’s a surprising number of people on the Sunday morning 9:58 to Frankston. Two uniformed sailors heading perhaps to the naval base at Crib Point after a night out (this train connects with the Stony Point train); a lady who insists on standing all the way to McKinnon, papers in her hand, […]

Going green

Own your own wind turbine

I’ve been wondering about this for a while: if the government won’t fund wind power, is it possible to invest in it privately? I may not be able to buy my own personal windfarm, but could I buy a share in one? Yes I can. Thanks to a story on AM this morning, I found […]


The worst habit

I know from last time that a post like this may set the cat among the pigeons, so I was going to spend a bit more time refining this. But I haven’t had time, so what the hell. Smoking would have to be the worst habit anybody could have, ever, wouldn’t it? Millions are addicted. […]

News and events

The holy texts

When you see the Pope (or any world leader) speaking, at least you know the words are coming out of his own mouth, even if he may not have written it all himself. I do wonder though how much of a role the Pope had in sending the papal SMSs last week. Tue 15 July […]


Missing the mark

There are times when your comments go through the sausage factory that is the modern media machine, and come out elegantly encapsulating the issue, raising legitimate concerns, and capturing public opinion. And then there are times like these: But Public Transport Users Association president Daniel Bowen said most peak hour commuters wouldn’t see the new […]