Old photos on that one day of the year

It’s that one day of the year… when the 7:30 Report isn’t on at 7:30.

Other than that, today…

I’m tired.

Both kids were home sick today, coughing their guts up. Wears you out. (Maybe I’m not feeling 100% myself.)

Bank account almost drained for the month.

My eldest son Isaac officially became a teenager.

I goofed by (yet again) ordering some of his presents by mail order, and they’re running late. Sigh. I’ve got to stop doing that (though I know he’ll like them when they arrive).

On the bright side, I’ve been scanning in old photos from the 70s and 80s. A couple of them are quite prophetic. (And don’t I look cute!)

Daniel circa 1973, at Albert Park station Daniel circa 1974, at kindergarten

I also found proof I’ve always been a Cats fan.

Daniel in Cats t-shirt on a horse, circa 1982

Thanks to my mum for holding onto them all these years, and digging them out.

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3 Replies to “Old photos on that one day of the year”

  1. Ahhhhh! I see the PT interest was there from a very young age!!

    And you look like you are having much more fun on the horse ride than the horse!

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