Top ten Daniels

The top ten Daniels, according to Google Australia (which shows pages from worldwide, but skews slightly in favour of Aussies):

1. The biblical Daniel.

2. The accompanying Book of Daniel.

3. Daniel Boulud’s Restaurant Daniel in New York City.

4. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation, working for protection of children from abduction.

5. Daniel Measurement and Control of gasses and liquids.

6. Craig. Daniel Craig.

7. Harry Potter’s Daniel Ratdcliffe

8. … whatever that is — it’s being rebuilt. Someone’s blog, apparently.

9. Daniel Boud, who appears to be a photographer. Or if he isn’t, he should be — the pics on his site are excellent.

10. 16th century mathmetician Daniel Bernoulli

And me? Turns out I’m number 11. W00t!

And where do I sit in the world ranking of Daniels? (According to the Google Rank Checker, I’m down at 819th on

Any interesting finds searching for your name?

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8 Replies to “Top ten Daniels”

  1. I am a disco music producer, a New York finance wizz and, most interestingly, I have sued the state of New York for USD$989 billion trillion because I said prison guards beat up my jacket, which I was not wearing at the time. Unfortunatley my case was dismissed.

  2. Daniel
    darn! You were beaten by another blogger whose site is being rebuilt.
    PS Who’s that Anthony Molloy character??

  3. The new Bond crops up at number 5 on my list too. A whole lot of blogs and there’s a City of Craig in South Dakota!

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