5 thoughts on “Rather delighted about Craigieburn

  1. Daniel
    Ha Ha! Yeah, rather chirpy. Well spotted.
    The one I hate hearing on the train is the mispronounciation of “Cranbourne”. Most Melburnians say “Cran-bun”, but the voice says “Cran-born”.

  2. Why can’t the Comeng and XTrapolis trains use the same, clear, properly spoken announcement system that is in the Siemens trains? I travelled on a Siemens train for the first time last week and was pleasantly surprised by announcements that sounded like they came straight from an English train, with a clear, English female voice using full sentences.

    The trains I get every day, however, are stuck with the horrible, disjointed messages that you demonstrated in your MP3 file.

    How hard can it be to just record a full set of proper sentences? We don’t have that many stations. Obviously the people who commissioned the Siemens trains realised this and did a proper job.

  3. She was so pleased to be asked back.

    Just the other week I noticed Southern Cross is now just announced as “Southern Cross” rather than “Southern Cross on Spencer Street”.

    Incidentally I also recently realised that the voice of the announcements at Southern Cross Station is the same woman who did the the Cityrail station announcements in Sydney.

  4. My colleague and I used to giggle as we hit North Melbourne and heard that announcement. Craigieburn must be soooo cool! They’ve changed the announcements a little bit, I’ve noticed, she’s not so impressed. Craigieburn isn’t as cool as it used to be.

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