Too subtle

Spotted in Australia On Collins

MFB cabinet

Now call me old-fashioned if you like, but shouldn’t the location of life-saving fire-fighting equipment be indicated in a slightly less subtle way?

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7 Replies to “Too subtle”

  1. Daniel
    I suspect the terminology is standard and has been for decades. I work in a modern city building and each floor has a door labelled “Fire hydrant & hose reel”. It also contains an intercom phone for Floor Wardens to communicate with the Chief Fire Warden if a beep-beep or woop-woop sounds on the floor.

  2. Roger, I think Daniel was pointing out the lack of contrast between the lettering and background. The words, whatever they may be, don’t really stand out from the background.

  3. I’ve seen similarly brilliant paint-over jobs on several occasions. They always make wonder about some people’s ability not to forget whether they should inhale or exhale next.

  4. Tony
    thanks – I thought the poor contrast with regard the writing was Daniel’s bad photo. And I was too polite to comment!

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