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How to get into a hammock

I've wanted a hammock for ages -- ever since I moved in and found hammock hooks fitted to the back veranda. And finally this Christmas I got one, thanks to Marita. Alas it didn't quite fit the hooks, so I trotted off to Hammock HQ today at the Victoria Market to get the requisite extension bits to make it fit. Got it all home and set it up. I concluded that the easiest way to get into it is

Friends and loved ones


Happy Boxing Day. Well, we had a pretty good Christmas. The haul's headliner was a Nintendo Wii -- actually bought for the kids (to their surprise and delight), but which has already proven itself to be a helluva lot of fun for me too. A bunch of smaller presents too, and not a dud among them. We spent most of the day at my sister's place. The weather was perfect for sitting eating lunch out

Home life

Best wishes at Christmas

When I moved, I figured that for once I intended to stay put for a long time, so I might as well do the neighbourly thing and get to know my neighbours. Not that I'd been unfriendly to previous neighbours. Well okay, maybe if they deserved it. But neither had I gone out of my way to get to know them. So as I met the new neighbours, I wrote some notes, not in a creepy stalky kind of a way, bu

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Five percent?!

Letter of note in yesterday's Age: IT IS interesting to note the objections and opposition to the Government's climate plan, particularly from more affluent groups and individuals. They see it as up to industry, particularly the power industry, to lower consumption of energy and reduce emissions. What effort are these people prepared to make to reduce their use of energy and to lower carbon

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Yet more transport plan stuff

Unlike the last one, I can't claim a role in this: a hilarious video parodying the Victorian Transport Plan TV commercials. Meanwhile, over at the Sunday Herald Sun, they're running an online survey on peoples views of PT. Click through and have your say. Finally, answer me this: if Sir Rod Eddington was very specific in having his road tunnel concept bypassing the city (centre), and the


Swanston Street

One day in 1992, I had a joyous moment when I walked most of the length of Swanston Street -- in the former traffic lanes -- for the first time. It was a wondrous thing, and while Swanston Street still sees delivery vehicles, taxis and the odd errant car, with the wider footpaths and cyclists galore, it's a much more pleasant place to be than it was back then. About the only one who doesn't