RIP Verity Lambert, 1935-2007

“My father Sydney was a watchmaker from Nottingham, and my mother Verity was – well, she was a nurse, actually.” — John Smith/The Doctor, in the episode Human Nature, 2007.

Verity Lambert and friends

For all you did, thank you, Verity.

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One Reply to “RIP Verity Lambert, 1935-2007”

  1. Daniel
    Wow! What an amazing woman, and a real trail blazer it seems. She devoted over 40 years of her life to producing some real top-notch Tv productions (I must admit, my favorite from the list is Rumbole of the Bailey).
    PS My first girl friend was called Verity (we were only 4 y.o. at the time) and I’ve never heard of the again name until now.

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