Help an evil genius

My friend Greg is on a quest to become an evil genius. He spotted an abandoned missile base for sale on ebay, and is trying to raise the money to buy it.

He writes: “People have donated to help some ditz pay off her credit cards, some kid go to college, some stripper get breast implants… why wouldn’t they donate to help a budding evil genius get his first lair?”

He’s a pretty nice guy, so I bet he’d be a benevolent evil genius.

See how you can help at

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5 thoughts on “Help an evil genius”

  1. 1
    Peter says:

    Though for some reason people are reluctant to donate towards real estate.

    For example, an Australian’s attempt to raise $2.75m in 90 days to buy a ‘dream block’ for a circus ended in the loss of a $50k deposit after she couldn’t raise the money.

    Let’s hope Greg’s deal requires no deposit!

  2. 2
    Roger says:

    are these people serious (ie, looneys) or just having fun?
    PS Well done Cats!

  3. 3
    Greg says:

    Well, I have to put up $10,000 in “earnest money” to get a tour. Beyond that, the deal they’re offering on eBay is $300,000 up front, $84,000 a year for three years, then a $1.2 million balloon payment.

    Of course, unlike Cath Wood who had money pouring in, the sum total of donations I’ve received in the last week is… $0.

  4. 4
    kex says:

    well I’ve added a link on my blog. don’t think it will raise any donations but you never know. :)

  5. 5
    Joan says:

    Dear, dear Daniel, you have done it again. So many times you have helped me, but this latest?…how can I ever repay you! And, no, Roger, we are NOT by any means looney. Even at my ripe old age, I just want a better life ! (and it’s kind of fun, too – see post on Greg’s site)

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