A better way

If you’re watching TV tonight, you might see Metlink’s new advert, with the slogan “A better way”.

One of the shots is filmed not far from my house, on Jasper Road in Bentleigh, as a lady in a hairdresser’s chair floats past Camille Shoes.

I quite like the ad. But as with a lot of public transport promotion, it’s not the ad that’s the problem — it’s the product which is substandard for many people.

Link: Metlink press release and TV advert download.

PS. Apparently the people and chairs in the advert were actually there in real life; the trolley wheels underneath them have been digitally removed.

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3 Replies to “A better way”

  1. Daniel
    from the still in your blog, it looks like a disabled person in a wheelchair. Hopefully, the video will look better!

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