Visitors from BugWorld

The first blowfly of the summer hasn’t appeared yet, but there are other signs from BugWorld that the weather is warming up.

After some time without them (pretty much) since setting off the bug bomb in February, cockroaches are starting to re-appear around the house. A couple this week, a couple last week. Mostly dead, or very sick, so I guess the bug bomb is still doing its work.

But I think the next step is to call in the pros to work out where they’re coming from, and destroy them at the source.

‘Cos I really don’t want to get back to the situation where they’re turning up everywhere and I’m terrified of roaming the house in bare feet.

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5 Replies to “Visitors from BugWorld”

  1. I have seen blowflies (and I mean HUGE ones) this week on the Sydney trains…

    Big golden backed, hairy blow flies… about 10mm in length…


  2. Sorry to have to inform you (and really sorry if I have already previously??), but the ‘experts’ say there isn’t really anything you can do about them…apparently.

    And I can tell you I’m really and truly not looking forward to them either!

    (but aren’t all the new leaves on the trees pretty?)

  3. Roaches can most certianly be controlled. This applies even in Florida, a roach paradise. Just apply boric acid powder in and around the house. Squirt it into the openings around water pipes and electric outlets and under appliances. Roach gel also works. It comes in a syringe and it looks like molasses.( google “combat” to see it) A dab here and there where roaches are seen does the job. This even worked in the dirty, greasy kitchen in the market where I once worked. Here in Florida we also “tent” houses to kill every living thing inside. This is usually done to kill termites. When a co worker had this done it also killed a cat hiding under her house. This of course did not smell very nice! Good luck!

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