9 thoughts on “Reminder to self

  1. complement compliment – an expression of praise for another’s choice of accessories
    compliment complement – a book or other present handed to another as part of an official expression of thanks
    compliment complement compliment – the remark that the abovementioned gift is a particularly good one
    and so on…

    Have I managed to mess with your mind sufficiently, Daniel? ;-)

  2. Daniel
    I must pay YOU a compliment. The grammar on your blog is always excellent. Given you often write the thing at 7 in the morning, I reckon that’s quite an achievement.

  3. Yes, that’s one thing I really appreciate about your blog too. The well written, thoughtful posts that show some time, and effort behind them.

    The words I always got mixed up when I was in grade school: county, and country. Finally practised them phonetically, and since then never had any troubles. But the word Labrinyth – now that ALWAYS trips me up and gets me second guessing myself.

  4. Konrad, now you’ve got me totally confused.

    CP… I’ll try that; thanks.

    Roger… psst… although I regularly post in the morning, often I write much of the entry the night before.

  5. Just like so many people get discreet and discrete confused – I’ve even it used incorrectly in newspapers that should know better:
    Discreet – without attracting attention
    Discrete – separate, individual, unrelated.

    Ok…today’s pet peeve out of the way! (and don’t get me started on the less VS fewer argument. BIGGEST pet peeve of mine, but a seemingly uphill battle)Fight the Good Fight!

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