The more observant amongst you may have noticed the Twitter Updates thingy on the right hand side of the web page.

Yes, I’m dabbling in micro-blogging. I’m not totally convinced it’s worth the trouble, but having seen examples where it’s shown its uses, I thought I’d give it a go, particularly when I found the Twitter Tools plug-in for WordPress, which can show my Twitter updates here.

(I also experimented with relaying updates onto Facebook, which I’ve also dabbled with. Then I found Facebook specifically prohibits this kind of thing… Oh well. See the details. They can keep their fancy-schmanzy walled garden.)

It’s handy in that you can post a brief update from virtually anywhere; via IM, web, or from a mobile phone (though the latter costs me 50 cents a pop in international SMS fees). So like they say, it’s handy for brief — but hopefully mildly interesting — stuff that happens through the day that wouldn’t be worthy of a full blog post.

So I’ll give it a go, and see if it inspires. And if it quietly disappears again, you’ll know it didn’t.