The Greatest Team Of All

When they wrote the footy club songs, they got together an old familiar tune and lyrics which are generally way over-the-top for most circumstances, basically proclaiming the team is invincible. If only it were true. The Geelong Football Club song is called We Are Geelong, sung to the tune of Toreador from Bizet's Carmen, a tune I'm very familiar with as my mum used to love playing music from t

Geek, Memes rule, pass it on

Help an evil genius

My friend Greg is on a quest to become an evil genius. He spotted an abandoned missile base for sale on ebay, and is trying to raise the money to buy it. He writes: "People have donated to help some ditz pay off her credit cards, some kid go to college, some stripper get breast implants... why wouldn't they donate to help a budding evil genius get his first lair?" He's a pretty nice guy, so


How to waste $6.30 and 10 minutes

The train was coming, so I ran into the station and scrabbled for my Yearly ticket. But I couldn't find it. It wasn't in my wallet. I pulled all the extraneous crap out to look for it... stamps... business card... Brumby's baked-goods-frequent-eater (or whatever it's called) but no luck. Dammit. The train came and left. Oh well, nothing for it but to buy a ticket. I dug a $10 note out to buy a

Doctor Who

Doctor Who 2007

So there we go, the series has ended. Some great episodes. The Runaway Bride: Enjoyable enough. Loved the highway chase scene -- and the way it captured the excitement of the TV audience in the little kids in the other car. One day the ABC programming people will learn to programme Christmas specials at Christmas, instead of six months later. (Though it could be worse... in Canada the CBC put t

Film, Video games

Finding Pixar

Had a day off yesterday. Took the kids on a couple of errands, and went through Fed Square to visit ACMI. I never fail to be impressed with ACMI, especially since I discovered their Games Lab. Last time I was there they had old Commodore 64 games. This time they were highlighting some of the best indie games from the recent Independent Games Festival, a kind of TropFest for games. In the vid


Why I like O Brother

I've got today off, to enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the first day proper of the school holidays, and generally enjoy not having to do any work (touch wood). I've seen O Brother Where Art Thou twice in the last month, and I still like it a lot. Recently the kids watched it for the first time**, and while I had to explain some of the concepts and plot, they seemed to enjoy it. Here's some of the

Consumerism, Food'n'drink

Freaking HOW MUCH?!?

Every so often, some junk mail will sneak past the No Junk Mail sticker, often in a kind of junk mail Trojan horse, such as a copy of the Bayside Weekly. Last week a Barbecues Galore catalogue snuck in. Now, I know that they stock a wide range of barbecues, including the modest type of small unit that I'm considering, costing perhaps a couple of hundred dollars. But the catalogue highlights the hi


Funniest book I’ve read in ages

Bill Bryson: Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid -- I've finally read it now it's out in paperback. I know I was never going to be disappointed, but it was a great book. Hilarious in parts, poignant in others. Mostly hilarious though. The description of the Dick and Jane books and the characters' robotic dialogue had me laughing out loud. Likewise the high school gym classes, where all the white